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IATA and IMDG Code Dangerous Goods Checklists

Freight Forwarder IATA Checklists

DGM offers a compliance check program for hazardous material shipments prior to being tendered to air or ocean carriers. Our expert staff utilizes years of industry experience and an in-depth compliance check system to ensure that your shipments won’t be rejected by the accepting carrier. Many of our customers use this service as a means to eliminate airline rejections as well as the trucking transfer costs that are associated with freight that has been declined once tendered to an airline. Since this is an extra step in the logistics program, we provide an exceptionally fast turn around to ensure that shipments do not experience any delays.

  • Provide checklist more in-depth than most “standard” airline checklists

  • Email digit photographs of issues to pass along to customers for future reference

  • Provide complete citations from IATA manual for reference of applicable sections so you don't have to waste time finding the correct information


This program also helps freight forwarders comply with TSA requirements for maintaining checklists on dangerous goods shipments. We are able to provide programs to check all of your dangerous goods shipments or general cargo from problematic shippers.


We are so confident that we go beyond any other dangerous goods compliance company’s check systems, we offer a money back guarantee.


*Please note that this does not include rejections that carriers cannot cite from the applicable regulatory manual for the shipment. Ask one of our company representatives for further details*

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