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Staffed Solutions (In-House Services)

DGM New York & DGM Philadelphia: Your Trusted In-House Dangerous Goods Specialists



Welcome to DGM: The Ultimate Solution for Dangerous Goods Management

At DGM New York and DGM Philadelphia, we are more than just a service provider. For over a decade, we've seamlessly integrated with numerous logistics companies and manufacturers across the United States, acting as their trusted in-house partner. 


Unparalleled In-House Solutions

DGM brings a unique offering to the table: Our In-House Packing Services. By partnering with us, you invite a team that shoulders the complexities of warehousing, carpentry, and freight processing directly from your facility.

- Tailored Profitability: We not only manage aspects of your warehouse operations but fine-tune the cost structures to enhance profitability for both parties.

- Focus on Your Core Business: With DGM handling the intricacies, you can channel your energies into what you do best.


- Flexibility & Scalability: Witness a seamless transition during workload fluctuations, as we swiftly re-allocate our personnel based on your needs.

Why Choose DGM's In-House Packing Solutions?

1. Reduced Overhead: Bid farewell to exorbitant operational costs.

2. Savings on Material Costs: From crating supplies, safety equipment, UN specification packaging, and more DGM has you covered.

3. Labor Benefits Savings: Reap the advantages of optimal staffing without the added burdens.

4. Comprehensive Insurance Policy: Rest easy with our robust coverage that ensures absolute peace of mind.

5. Compliance Training: From dangerous goods, equipment and tool training our all inclusive solutions ensure all staff are properly trained. 

6. Enhanced Efficiency: Experience a streamlined operation that minimizes non-billable overtime and fosters a smooth flow.

Specialized Offerings

- Dangerous Goods Specialists: Our seasoned professionals ensure that your dangerous goods are handled, packed, and prepared with the utmost care and compliance.

- In-House Crating & General Packing: No more external dependencies. Our team, working right from your facility, guarantees top-notch packing solutions for all your goods.

Since 1987, DGM has transformed how businesses manage their warehousing and dangerous goods, proving time and again that when it comes to safety, efficiency, and profitability, DGM is the partner you need.

Choose DGM. Experience the Difference.


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